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Sunday, November 11, 2012

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The term “Lost Tapes” is often used to promote a new jazz release and more often than not it is hyperbole, a promotional gimmick to enhance sales and spur jazz collectors to purchase the “recovered” jazz session.

The “SESSIONS LIVE” LPs issued by Calliope Records were mastered from sixty-four original studio tapes that were purchased by the principal owners of the legal enterprise established to produce the records, Golden Record Marketing, Inc.

It is not known if this enterprise purchased additional master tapes that were not used for the Calliope Records release series.  The first Stars of Jazz show released on Calliope was from the sixth show with Jack Teagarden and Matty Matlock from July 30, 1956. The last Stars of Jazz show released on Calliope was from December 15, 1958 with Leroy Vinnegar and Jeri Southern, program #128 in the series.

It has been thirty-six years since Calliope Records ceased production of their “SESSIONS LIVE” series in 1976.  The legal action to halt the production of Calliope Records did not specify that the tapes be destroyed, returned to KABC or otherwise relinquished by the enterprise that had acquired them.

This detailed examination of the thirty-six LPs issued by Calliope Records was undertaken to document the jazz discography database, establish an accurate record of the personnel and dates associated with each Stars of Jazz program that was issued on Calliope Records.  It was also hoped that the dissemination of this information on the internet might reach some of the people associated with Calliope Records who could make contact and reveal the current location and status of the master tapes acquired by Golden Records Marketing, Inc.

The persons associated with the production of Calliope have been listed with each post examining Calliope releases and are repeated again here: Executive Producers: Heyward Collins, Rick Donovan, Lee D. Weisel; Production and Coordination: Jim Pewter; Technical Assistance: Mike Jordan for Krishane Enterprises; Mastering: Jack Skinner for Keyser-Century Corporation; Art Direction and Photography: Jeffrey Weisel.  Other parties involved in the legal proceedings were: Dr. Victor G. Lands, Franklin K. Lane III, and Robert L. Oppenheim.  

The Stars of Jazz master tapes document a vital period in the evolution of jazz.  It is hoped that these tapes still exist, hopefully in secure storage, and that the current owners might be persuaded to transfer them as a charitable contribution (with attractive tax deductions) to a responsible entity such as the Los Angeles Jazz Institute where the Jimmie Baker Jazz Archive now resides.

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