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Sunday, October 7, 2012




Calliope CAL 3033 presented audio from the Stars of Jazz April 4, 1958 program that featured Teddy Buckner’s Dixieland Band, Jeri Southern and The Mastersounds. Side two of CAL 3033 duplicated material that had been released on CAL 3006, The Firehouse Five Plus Two with Jeanne Gayle as vocalist.  The production script for that program, Stars of Jazz show #18 can be viewed at our post for CAL 3006.

Gene Norman was a major concert producer and jazz radio personality whose “Just Jazz” concerts had been a mainstay of concert jazz in Los Angeles since the late 1940s.  Norman also produced a series of concerts with Frank Bull known as the “Dixieland Jubilee” and Teddy Buckner’s Dixieland band was a regular feature at these concerts along with other well known traditional jazz groups like Kid Ory, The Castle Jazz Band and the Firehouse Five Plus Two. Buckner had a long running gig at the 400 Club at 3330 West 8th Street in Los Angeles. This was Teddy Buckner’s third appearance on Stars of Jazz(photo of Teddy Buckner on GNP Vol. 11 © Ray Avery/CTSIMAGES)

Jeri Southern would also make three appearances on Stars of Jazz.  The April 14, 1958 program was her second appearance on the show and she would be the featured guest vocalist again on December 15, 1958. Jeri Southern was appearing at Gene Norman’s Crescendo Club on Sunset Boulevard when she appeared on this edition of Stars of Jazz.  She had been an exclusive Decca Records artist and sang “I REMEMBER YOU” from her Decca album, WHEN YOUR HEART’S ON FIRE.

Jeri Southern had recorded two albums for her new label, Roulette Records, when she made this April 14, 1958 appearance.  Her second album for Roulette, SOUTHERN BREEZE, featured charts by Marty Paich and backing by first call Los Angeles jazz musicians.  Bobby Troup gave his customary plug to the Mastersounds LPs on the World Pacific label at the close of the show and also held up a copy of Jeri Southern’s latest Roulette LP, SOUTHERN BREEZE.

The Mastersounds had emerged as one of Dick Bock’s latest finds for his World Pacific label.  Their first album, JAZZ SHOWCASE - INTRODUCING THE MASTERSOUNDS, had been warmly embraced by the jazz buying public and Bock quickly followed up with two albums that tapped into the Broadway inspired jazz treatment that had turned the jazz record business on its head when Les Koenig’s MY FAIR LADY album for his Contemporary Records label broke all existing sales records for jazz albums.  For their Stars of Jazz appearance The Mastersounds performed a track from their THE KING AND I album, GETTING TO KNOW YOU, followed by a version of DEXTER’S DECK (not on this Calliope album but included as a sound clip below) that accompanied a movie of Charles Eames spinning tops.

This edition of Stars of Jazz was special as it was broadcast nationally over the American Broadcasting Company network, a major coup for the producers and crew at KABC, channel 7, Los Angeles. The press release below details the event:

Calliope Records Production Credits:

Executive Producers: Heyward Collins, Rick Donovan, Lee D. Weisel

Production and Coordination: Jim Pewter

Technical Assistance: Mike Jordan for Krishane Enterprises

Mastering: Jack Skinner for Keyser-Century Corporation

Art Direction and Photography: Jeffrey Weisel


SHOW #93
APRIL 14, 1958
Teddy Buckner and his Dixieland Band: Teddy Buckner, cornet; John Ewing, trombone; Caughey Roberts, clarinet; Chester Lane, piano; Arthur Edwards, bass; Jesse Sailes, drums. Jeri Southern, vocal; Buddy Motsinger, piano; John Kitzmiller, bass. The Mastersounds: Richard Crabtree, piano; Buddy Montgomery, vibraphone; Monk Montgomery, bass; Ben Barth, drums.

Production credits for this show:
Executive Producer: Pete Robinson
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Writer: Bob Arbogast
Director: Leo G. “Hap” Weyman
Audio: Chuck Lewis
Cameramen: Sal Folino, Jack Denton, Bob Haley
Technical Director: Gene Lukowski
Lighting Director: Vince Cilurzo
Video: Noble Moore

Show #18
October 22, 1956
The Firehouse Five Plus Two:- Danny Alguire, cornet; Ward Kimball, trombone; George Probert, reeds; George Bruns, tuba, acoustic double bass; Frank Thomas, piano; Dick Roberts, banjo; Eddie Forrest, drums. + Jeanne Gayle, vocal

Production credits for this show:
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Writer: Bob Arbogast
Director: Norman Abbott
Audio: Chuck Lewis
Cameramen: Sal Folino, Jack Denton
Technical Director: Ted Hurley
Lighting Director: Vince Cilurzo
Video: Mahoney

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