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Thursday, September 6, 2012




Readers who have been following the progress of this blog will have noted that Ray Avery’s photographs (courtesy of CTSIMAGES) have illustrated many of the entries where Ray attended that telecast of Stars of Jazz, the source for all of the jazz issued on Calliope Records releases on LP.

The June 10, 1957 show with the Pat Moran Quartet featured a segment at the end of the program recognizing some of the photographers who had been in attendance at the series.  Fans of the show viewing this edition on the TV screen in their homes would have seen full screen presentations of selected photographs by these photographers as Bobby Troup identified the photographer and the jazz musician(s) in each photo. 

The first photographer named is Don Jim, a freelance commercial photographer.  Next Troup introduces the work of Jimmy Woodworth, a channel 7 ABC Stage Manager followed by Bill Rhodes who is identified as a former employee of the firm that handled publicity for channel 7 ABC.  Sal Folino, one of the principal cameramen working Stars of Jazz, is presented next.  Sal mounted a 35mm camera to one side of his stage camera and having set the depth of field and focus at fixed settings would click the shutter using a shutter extension cord.  Jack Denton, another Stars of Jazz cameraman, also took photographs in a similar fashion, but his work was not presented as seen in the script where his introduction is crossed out and deleted from the script. Troup next introduces Grant Velie, a channel 7 ABC lighting director like Vince Cilurzo, their lighting effects being one of the main reasons for making the Stars of Jazz a perfect setting to take photographs.  Dudley Blake, a professional photographer whose work is represented by Black Star Agency, is introduced next with a presentation of his photo of pianist Pete Jolly. Ray Avery was in attendance at this show and when Bobby Troup introduces Ray’s work to the audience Bobby says hello to Ray who replies with a hello.  The last photographer presented is Bill Claxton, also in attendance at this show and Clax and Bobby exchange a few words about his work and methods.

Bobby Troup & Bill Claxton

Calliope Records Production Credits:
Executive Producers: Heyward Collins, Rick Donovan, Lee D. Weisel
Production and Coordination: Jim Pewter
Technical Assistance: Mike Jordan for Krishane Enterprises
Mastering: Jack Skinner for Keyser-Century Corporation
Art Direction and Photography: Jeffrey Weisel

Bobby Troup & Mel Torme

SHOW #96
MAY 5, 1958
CHARLIE BARNET ORCHESTRA: Sanford Skinner, Al Porcino, Ray Triscari, Stu Williamson (trumpets); Juan Tizol, Walt Malzahn, Dick Nash, Joe Cedeno (trombones); Charlie Barnet (saxes,ldr) Bob Dawes, Teddy Lee, Bob Jung, Jack Kernan (reeds); John Bannister (piano); Harry Babasin (bass); Jack Sperling (drums).  Mel Tormé, piano, vocal.

Production credits for this show:
Host: Bobby Troup
Executive Producer: Peter Robinson
Producer: Jimmie Baker
Writer: Bob Arbogast
Director: Leo G. “Hap” Weyman
Audio: Chuck Lewis
Cameras: Sal Folino, Jack Denton, Bob Haley
Technical Director: Gene Lukowski
Lighting Director: Vince Cilurzo
Video: Noble Moore

Johnny Whited & Pat Moran

Although Pat Moran's name is spelled correctly on the liner above, for some reason it was mangled to Morgan on the label.  Also one should note that the instrumental tracks are with the Pat Moran Trio, piano, bass and drums.  The vocal tracks with Bev Kelly, the fourth member of the Pat Moran Quartet, get Pat's name right on the label.

SHOW #49
JUNE 10, 1957
The Pat Moran Quartet: Pat Moran, piano; John Doling, bass; Johnny Whited, drums; Bev Kelly, vocal.

Production credits for this show:
Host: Bobby Troup
Executive Producer: Peter Robinson
Producer: Jimmie Baker
(balance unknown, credit page missing from script)


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